How does #hvalane sound in your language?
6. 5. 2018

Lea invites you to Amsterdam

Lea Sirk, the Slovenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, has just given her first live performance of her song Hvala, ne on her European promotional tour.

Along with another 25 of this year’s contestants, she took part in the Israel Calling concert in Tel Aviv this week – and both her vocals and performance have received a lot of enthusiastic praise from those who were there in person or watched it online via the live stream provided by the event’s organisers.

The enthusiasm of the audience was mirrored by Lea herself as she talked about the show afterwards.

“I really enjoyed performing – it was great! Of course I would have been even happier if I’d been able to do a whole concert of my own material there in Tel Aviv! Who knows, maybe we can go back a second time,” she joked.

“It was wonderful to perform for such a great crowd. I am really grateful for the invitation and the opportunity provided by the hosts of Israel Calling as every event like this before my appearance at Eurovision gives me a bit more mileage, to perform my song, before I set foot on the big stage in Lisbon.”

Appearing at Israel Calling provided Lea with her first opportunity to meet her fellow performers.

“It was nice meeting the other artists. It was also the first time I had heard their songs and seen them performed. They were great! I’m looking forward to seeing them all again very soon.”

On Saturday evening, another chance to perform awaits Lea – this time at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam. The show itself is celebrating a special milestone – this year is its tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion, it has moved to a new venue at the AFAS Live concert hall, which has a 6,000 capacity. Lea has a special message for everyone who will be attending the show in Amsterdam this weekend: “Don’t miss the show – I promise it’ll be worth coming along. You’ll be able to dance along and hear me try and say Hvala, ne in Dutch!”