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6. 5. 2018

Lea Sirk is off on her Slovenian tour after returning home from Lisbon

After her incredible performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Lea Sirk is returning home to embark on her Hvala, ne! Tour.

Lea, who hails from the Slovenian coastal region of Primorska, has charmed the entire continent of Europe over the last two weeks – both on and off the Eurovision stage. She has repeatedly attracted the attention of international media and fans alike in a seemingly effortless manner, disarming everyone she met with her laidback style and contagious laughter. The singer’s candid stories of her adventures have been a big hit as well, putting a smile on even the sternest of faces.

On stage, her every performance has been met with thunderous applause and a raucous reaction, seeing her take Slovenia to the Grand Final of Eurovision for the first time since 2015.

A mother of two young girls, Lea had been building her career slowly and steadily before representing Slovenia at Europe’s biggest show. As she returns triumphantly to her homeland, the time has come for her to conquer the concert stage as a solo artist and give her audiences something special. Even with all the hard graft she has put in during her time in Lisbon, there will be no rest for Lea once she gets back – her first concert is coming up on Friday.

“Eurovision has been an unforgettable experience,” says Lea, “but I can’t wait to come home. I’m already thinking ahead to my Slovenian tour, #hvalane.”

Lea’s Slovenian Hvala, ne! Tour dates:

  • 18th May – Klub Branibor, Celje
  • 19th May – Radenci
  • 26th May – Hiša Mladih, Ajdovščina

“I can’t wait to hit the stages at home as a solo artist and with a repertoire which will represent a journey through my music career.  I am delighted that I can go on sharing with people what I live for – my music – and connect even more with my audience.”

As for the tour, it would be safe to say the public can expect to see Lea just as she is – it’s time to get ready for a great party!