12. 5. 2018

Lea Sirk is off on her Slovenian tour after returning home from Lisbon

After her incredible performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Lea Sirk is returning home to embark on her Hvala, ne! Tour. Lea, who hails from the Slovenian coastal region of Primorska, has charmed the entire continent of Europe over the last two weeks – both on and off the Eurovision stage. She has repeatedly attracted the attention of international media and fans alike in a seemingly effortless manner, disarming everyone she met with her laidback style and contagious laughter. The singer’s candid stories of her adventures have been a big hit as well, putting a smile on even […]
6. 5. 2018

How does #hvalane sound in your language?

Lea Sirk, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest representative from Slovenia, has a very special challenge for you! Make an original, unique video – something different – to tell us how you say #hvalane in your language or dialect. Post the video on your Facebook or Instagram profile and don’t forget to add the hashtag #hvalane. Lea will pick her three favourite clips and if yours is one of them, you’ll win a very special prize! Share your language and your culture with us…and teach us how to say #hvalane.
6. 4. 2018

Lea invites you to Amsterdam

Lea Sirk, the Slovenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, has just given her first live performance of her song Hvala, ne on her European promotional tour. Along with another 25 of this year’s contestants, she took part in the Israel Calling concert in Tel Aviv this week – and both her vocals and performance have received a lot of enthusiastic praise from those who were there in person or watched it online via the live stream provided by the event’s organisers. The enthusiasm of the audience was mirrored by Lea herself as she talked about the show afterwards. […]